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Menopause: It's for everyone.

A personal life experience of over half the world’s population and a life stage that impacts every person on the planet (female AND male), menopause today is still a mystery to most all who have not yet directly encountered it. 

Menopause is a natural physiological process experienced in every body with ovaries during middle age. It is not a curse (neither are periods for the record), it is not an illness, and it is not something that you should have to silently endure either. 

We, writer/designer duo Sasha Davies and Nancy Nowacek, noticed a number of our friends struggled during menopause because they didn't get the kind of assistance or information they needed. As pragmatic and appropriately skilled women we decided to do something that we hoped would improve the experience of menopause for generations of women to come.

This guide offers a refresher course on reproductive system anatomy and physiology, an outline of what the average person can expect during menopause, and some suggestions about how to set yourself up for the best possible experience during your transition.

Have you (or someone you know) been noticing subtle but important changes in your monthly periods, moods, skin, hair, body temperature? It is possible that some of these experiences may be signs that you (they) have entered the completely natural transition all female bodies experience: menopause.

Whether you are on the precipice of menopause, have years to go before you begin, or have someone in your life experiencing menopause who you'd like to support, this guide could help.


We ran a successful Kickstarter campaign for our first print run. We've got a couple other menopause projects up our sleeve. If you'd like to receive updates please let us know where to find you by completing the form below.

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Help us help all women.

We invite you to participate in and support this project by sharing resources you have found educational and helpful during your menopause experiences, and any feedback that will help us improve future versions of this work. 

If you are part of or aware of a community that this work does not fully address, please reach out to us so we can work together to address the needs of everyone experiencing menopause.