Imperfect Guides for Everyday Things

At first blush the content for these booklets may look scattershot. Let me assure you there is connective tissue between them. The best articulation of what ties these works together is a quote from Alain de Botton (founder of London's School of Life), "We have enormous loneliness around our difficulties." I have found this statement to be more and more true with every passing day. These guides are designed to stem the tide of this common loneliness by creating opportunities for connection and possibly conversations in the everyday dark corners of our lives.

Menopause Guide.jpg

Menopause: an imperfect primer

Whether you or someone you know has entered the mysterious world of menopause, this booklet is a wonderful first step in learning about this process that is the natural evolution of the female body. 

This primer includes an anatomy and reproductive system physiology refresher as well as some recommendations for managing your menopause experience.

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How to: make salads you want to eat

Do you love salads? Do you hate them? Either way, this booklet can help. Salad enthusiasts and naysayers will find tools that expand their ideas and attitudes about salads. 

Learn techniques and language that will help you transform your groceries into meals you enjoy. This booklet includes 11 recipes.